Our Reviews


Our Reviews

“Aniko and I sought out a well-known Architect to design our home. The basic design of the pool was included, but there were no detailed plans.

We contacted Mr. Roca, who suggested moving the hot tub closer to the pool, adding lights and including a firepit. His plans included every detail, right down to the positioning of the equipment in the pool equipment room. We are now in the construction phase and have electricians, plumbers and masonry workers all doing their respective jobs.

Mr. Roca’s teams have been extremely professional and great to work with. They have been extremely accommodating to our requests and the requests of the other trades. Their work is top notch. We would highly recommend them”

Aniko & Marty Musters
Toronto, Canada
Panama, Panama.

“Los elementos de agua en la arquitectura son joyas que realzan la concepci6n formal de un proyecto, sin lugar a dudas trabajar en el diserio de estas joyas en conjunto con Joan es un placer. Su profesionalismo, su capacidad para entender, complementar y mejorar las ideas me permite afirmar que es dificil encontrar en nuestro medio una persona tan capaz en su campo como lo es Joan. Tener la certeza de que el producto final sera de optima calidad es garantia en los trabajos que realiza Joan. Espero poder seguir trabajando con el en muchos proyectos mas.”

Armando Espinosa Calderon

Joan is the real deal, way ahead of his time with his design. One of the best in the world.”

Jose Garcia

Review from Facebook 

El mejor!!!!! Calidad y dedicación 100%”

Laura Roca

Review from Facebook 

Es un genio artista”

Maria Elena Jimenez Pico

Review from Facebook 

Buenos días apreciado amigo y gusto saludarte un fuerte abrazo.”

Roger Ajun Blanco

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Después de haber desarrollado innumerables complejos residenciales… puedo asegurar sin temor a equivocarme que en el mercado tanto local como regional, JOAN ROCA MASTER POOL DESIGNER es la firma líder en el diseño, inspección y ejecución de piscinas. El resultado final de sus obras es espectacular y su conocimiento en el rubro de “water features” y piscinas es inigualable en el mercado.”

Henri Mizrachi (Panamá)

Thank you, Joan. When we met, you were introduced to me as the “pool doctor”. Now I know you’re not a doctor, but an artist!”

Saro Spadaro, President & CEO, The Maho Group

Dear Joan, I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary work you did on designing and physically creating the swimming pool at my home in Nosara, Costa Rica. I have long admired your work and am glad we had the opportunity to finally collaborate together.

The design is exquisite and the execution was completed on time and within budget. And please allow me to say how enjoyable it was to work with you personally. I thoroughly appreciated the integrity of our interaction and the honesty of those you chose to work on the project. Once again, thank you for creating a true work of art. Kind personal regards”

Michael Mayzel

Joan Roca is The Artist of the Pools”

Estilos & Casas Magazine, Central América

A Talented Designer”

La República Newspaper (Costa Rica)

A Custom Watershape Specialist”

WaterShapes Magazine (USA)

“This would have to be the best American Pool Designer and Pool Design I have ever seen, AAA”

Jamie Loft

I’ve had the privilege of working with pool builders all over the world, so I have a pretty good perspective on “what’s good,” “what’s not so good,” and “what is really outstanding.”

Joan Roca’s work definitely stands at the top as truly “world class” design, style and quality. Heck, even Joan’s 3D designs are superior to any I have seen before. (In fact, when a pool builder brags to me about how good they are with Pool Studio, I show them examples of Joan Roca’s 3-D designs, and that shuts them up.)

The photos of Joan Roca’s work speak for themselves. But what I find especially fascinating is that in addition to the traditional “Gunite” process, Joan will often use the “CMU” process (concrete masonry unit) to build these amazing projects. It’s hard to believe that a concrete block could be used to build on the most beautiful swimming pools in the world. But that’s exactly what Joan Roca does.

He gets two thumbs up from me!”

Brett Abbott, Owner/ Senior Consultant, MYM Austin Inc., A Licensed Agency of Monopolize Your Marketplace, was a consultant or contractor to Joan at AQUART

Joan’s design sensibilities in the art of watershaping are only paralleled by his fastidious attention to detail and craftsmanship.”

Steve Swanson, Owner, The Pool Company, worked directly with Joan at AQUART

Joan is a very talented aquatic designer and builder. His projects are works of art and are a compliment to any property where they are built. He is detail oriented. He “sweats the small stuff,” so the owners don’t have to.

He is easy to work with and takes direction well. If he doesn’t know something, he will admit it and then he will find the answer. He is definitely a problem solver. He is always looking out for the clients best interest, and strives to deliver the highest quality project possible.

I know Joan through our mutual membership in the Genesis 3 Design Group. As members of an exclusive collection of the world’s best aquatic designers & builders (Genesis 3 Platinum Membership and Society of Watershape Desginers), we have access to the best minds in the business. It is an exclusive group, not due to exclusionary practices, but because so few individuals can meet the stringent standards and qualifications to be included!”

Paolo (Paul) Benedetti, Founder, Principal, Designer, Aquatic Technology Pool and Spa was with another company when working with Joan at AQUART

Joan is a very knowledgeable of any watershape project. A fun going person too.

Lynn Forrest, Owner, Aqua Classic Pools & Spas was with another company when working with Joan at AQUART

Joan Roca is a talented designer and builder. I’ve worked with him on past projects, and his enthusiasm is contagious. I would recommend his talents without reservation. February 7, 2011 – Skip Phillips, Co-Founder and Platinum Member, Genesis 3 Design Group was with another company when working with Joan at AQUART

Joan is one of the bright stars in the swimming pool industry. he is a fantastic designer, great contractor and his work speaks for itself. Not only are his business credentials very high but I have had the pleasure of socializing with Joan too and he is a great caring person with a great sense of humor and you just feel better hanging around him.”

Michael Logsdon – SWD, CBP, Owner, Land Design was with another company when working with Joan at AQUART

I can heartily recommend Joan Roca as a talented designer and contractor. I met Joan several years ago when he began attending the design and construction courses offered by my educational company, Genesis 3, Inc. After seeing the passion Joan brought to our industry and seeing some of his projects it was clear that he was one of the few in the pool industry that would become a Genesis 3 Platinum Member. Joan Roca is a true artist working with the wonderful medium, water. Please contact me with any questions. Brian Van Bower”

Brian Van Bower, President, Genesis 3, Inc. was a consultant or contractor to Joan at AQUART

Joan is a pleasure to work with. He provides materials and images of his amazing projects for use in Luxury Pools magazine, and when asked for anything–including something out of the ordinary–he responds promptly and accurately. Joan and his projects are always a welcome addition in any of our magazines.” February 7, 2011– Patti Plummer, Editor, Manor House Publishing Co., Inc. was a consultant or contractor to Joan at AQUART

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Joan Roca as a uniquely talented, passionate, innovative and quite remarkable designer and artisan. Joan’s work has earned the highest respect and admiration of our firm, and I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone who seeks and appreciates excellence, integrity and unparalled professionalism. Waterscapes that defy imagination are Joan’s specialty.

He is a breath of fresh air as an artist and as a visionary.”

Carol Anne Gigliotti, President, Manor House Publishing, was a consultant or contractor to Joan at AQUART

Joan – I am so thrilled with what you’ve done for us, I cannot begin to say. Thank you for your advice regarding the water features. I like your idea much better. (In fact, all of your ideas were better than mine!) This came out so much better than I expected, I just cannot believe it. Thank you for and helping me and setting me straight!”

Gregory Chassot, Nosara, Costa Rica

I want to thank you for our beautiful pool. This is now our favorite part of the house. When I come home, I go straight to the pool. When my husband comes home, he comes out too, and we spend some quiet time together. Actually, we don’t swim very much, but we don’t care. It’s so nice to just sit and relax and listen to the water.

By the way, your crew was very courteous when they were here. I should commend you for choosing such nice people. They always cleaned up every day before they left. Maybe that’s not so important, but I thought it was a very nice touch, and I want you to know I appreciate it.

Thank you again for all you’ve done”

Susan and John Worton, Bahía Pez Vela, Costa Rica

Senor Roca — you’ve done it again! The project is stunning, just like you promised, and you actually finished ahead of schedule. We love you and yourwork. You will be our pool designer for life.”

Martine Viellard, Nosara, Costa Rica

El sitio mas acogedor de mi casa es la piscina. Su diseño y acabados, y la integracion con los jardines marcan la diferencia y lo convierten en el sitio preferido de amigos y familia. Ademas de lo que disfruto mi piscina, por la naturaleza de mi trabajo puedo apreciar el valor que le da a mi casa.

Visito constantemente desarrollos residenciales y turisticos, y puedo sin duda afirmar que la piscina es un elemento que define una residencia, y las piscinas de Juan son faciles de reconocer por la calidad de su diseño y construccion. Juan es mas un artista que un diseñador.”

Ana Saborío, Reserva Conchal, Costa Rica

Joan – Thank you for your praise on the villa; it is still a work in progress and we are very proud to be part of such a wonderful piece of work. Once again, I want to thank you for all your dedication and help with the project. I was impressed by both your vision and your integrity throughout our contract. I look forward to working with you again! Until then, please keep in touch.”

Tony Silva, Playas del Coco, CR

Thank you, Joan. The pool you built is the coolest pool I have ever seen! You’re the best!”

Ninon Messina, Playas del Coco, CR

Joan, et felicito de veritat per el teu treball a Carao, Club de Platge y font de entrada. Realment admirable. Ets un tipu “collonut” i profesionalment no tens competidor. Una vegada mes em trec el “barret” devan teu. Un dia ho tenim que celebrar con mereixem.”

Ing. Antonio Hilario Director Desarrollo y Construccion RESERVA CONCHAL

Joan Roca, owner of Aquart, was recommended to us by the builder of our house. We were shown a portfolio of Joan’s work, and we liked the quality and design of his projects. Joan knows how to build pools. He has good ideas and handles everything in a deliberate, professional manner.

We worked together on the design. My husband and I suggested the overall shape of the pool with a long infinity edge, the depth, and the two entrances on opposite ends of a little jardin seco (dry garden) with cacti and agaves on the terrace side of the pool. Joan recommended adding some big rocks at the edge to separate the garden from the actual pool. He constructed beach entrances, rather than steps, and gave great advice regarding the pool’s finish.

We now have a large, beautiful pool with a 50-ft. long infinity edge. Guests and visitors always admire it. We like two features best: the color (French gray) on the bottom and the walls, which matches the color of the sea beyond, and the beach entrances.

We were home only a couple of days each month during the construction period, so our contacts with Joan and his team were consequently limited.Everything went smoothly, however, and the end result is close to perfect.”

G. B., Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Joan is a pleasure to work with. He provides materials and images of his amazing projects for use in Luxury Pools magazine, and when asked for anything–including something out of the ordinary–he responds promptly and accurately. Joan and his projects are always a welcome addition in any of our magazines.”

Patti Plummer, Editor, Manor House Publishing Co., Inc.