Elevate Your Business with World-Class Watershape Designs

As a world-renowned, award-winning pool company, we provide stunning, professional concept designs and drawings – including complete engineered construction drawings, if desired – to local pool builders and contractors who want to offer stunningly creative and remarkable masterpieces in their local market. With our help, you will sell and build amazingly creative projects that are going to turn heads and win awards, and set you apart as the premier pool designer/ builder in your area.

Put our international award-winning design experience to work for you, and start selling the most innovative pool projects imaginable.


Our goal is to help you design, sell and build innovative and stunning swimming pools and watershapes that satisfy the needs of premier homeowners in your area. We’ve been doing it for years, all over the world. Now you can do it too.

Here are the 3 ways we work with pool builders:

  1. We’ll create a unique and innovative custom design that blows away anything any of your competitors might come up with. (It may also cost more to build than your competitors projects, but that’s OK, because it will be something your homeowner is going to fall in love with. and it’s something your competitors would never be able to design or build.)
  2. We can also create the engineered construction drawings, so you’ll know exactly how to build this new masterpiece, even if you’ve never done a project like this before.
  3. We can also offer remote and/or on-site project management services, to ensure the project is built properly, and show your team how to build more phenomenal projects like this in the future.

Every project we design is considered a finely-crafted piece of art that incorporates water in one way or another. We strive to make each pool design innovative and extraordinary, with unconventional materials and design elements wherever possible. This is what will give your company the reputation as the premier, most creative pool company in town.

We charge reasonable and appropriate fees for concept designs, engineered drawings and project management services if desired. But the initial consultation is free.


If you’d like to find out more about how we might work together, please send a message online or give us a no-obligation call in the US at (904) 559-8209.


Here’s what other builders have to say about working with us:

“Joan was really helpful for me, especially in choosing materials and also teaching me some smart tricks of the trade for better design and efficiency. He also introduced me to some key industry people, like the waterproofing guys, that I will need on future projects.

“Joan is a great guy with a lot of knowledge. He’s friendly and easy to work with. And more importantly, he has brought my company up to a higher level. I am now working with more high-end people and homeowners. Now we’re finally building world-class projects here in El Paso, like they do in other big cities like Dallas, Houston, etc. All thanks to Joan Roca.”

Gino Farina, Blooming Paradise Pool & Landscaping
El Paso, TX

“As a general contractor, I bring in the Joan Roca team whenever my client is looking for a swimming pool or outdoor kitchen to go with our project. Joan is clearly a world-class designer. He takes an intelligent approach to every project, and he comes up with great concepts, every time.

“And I must say I appreciate their dedication and sense of ownership because they don’t ever walk away from a challenge. They stay with it until it’s completely resolved. They are committed to the job. We continue to use Joan and his team every chance we get.”

Ben Bradley, Bent Construction
Jacksonville, FL