Innovative Watershape Designs for Homeowners

Joan discusses design details with Giselle

Our goal is to design innovative and stunning swimming pools and watershapes that make homeowners happy by reflecting their own unique personalities. Every project is considered a finely-crafted piece of art that incorporates water in one way or another. We strive to make each pool design innovative and extraordinary, with unconventional materials and design elements wherever possible.

To learn more about how we might work together, please send a message online or give us a no-obligation call in the US at (904) 559-8209.


If you’re uninspired or unimpressed with the design concepts shared with you by other builders, then you’ve come to the right place. Our creative approach to design, and our technical prowess, combined with our penchant for unusual and exotic materials is what has earned us a global reputation as world-class water shape designers.

We are based in the US, but work with homeowners all over the world.

We have several different ways we work with homeowners:

  • We can work directly with you to create the concept and design, and also the construction drawings if desired.
  • If you have an architect, we can provide them with a concept, or take their concept and convert it into a workable, engineered construction plan.
  • If you have a local pool builder in mind, we can work with them to implement our design and concept.
  • We can also offer “project management” services if desired, to ensure that the project is built according to specifications, every step of the way.

We charge reasonable and appropriate fees for concept designs, engineered drawings, and project management services if desired. But the initial consultation is free.

If you’d like to find out more about how we might work together, please send a message online or give us a no-obligation call in the US at (904) 559-8209.


Homeowner Reviews

“Aniko and I sought out a well-known Architect to design our home. The basic design of the pool was included, but there were no detailed plans.

We contacted Mr. Roca, who suggested moving the hot tub closer to the pool, adding lights, and including a firepit. His plans included every detail, right down to the positioning of the equipment in the pool equipment room. We are now in the construction phase and have electricians, plumbers, and masonry workers all doing their respective jobs.

Mr. Roca’s teams have been extremely professional and great to work with. They have been extremely accommodating to our requests and the requests of the other trades. Their work is top-notch. We would highly recommend them”

Aniko & Marty Musters
Toronto, Canada
Panama, Panama.